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We urgently reach out to you now, beloved family of the same Father, united in the body of affection by the appearing of our Anointed One within us; and by our gathering together and ascending in Him, that you don’t be troubled by confused souls, as to the nature of this revealing.

You will know that day is upon you when you have seen an overall falling away first, when sexual perversion, genetic editing, strange twisted logic, war and lawlessness is the rule, and that “man of the lie” is exposed, the son of hell. He lies about everything from his bully lectern; and opposes everything of a just nature. He does not acknowledge the spiritual authority of the Holy Spirit’s exposure in His people in regard to his deceptions.

This “man of the lie” puffs himself up above all that is from God or His word, or anything else that is obeyed besides himself; and because of that, today he is sitting as God in God’s temple, the soul temple, showing himself that he himself is God over the conscience and over every notion of heavenly right and wrong, thereby putting his human mark upon the soul, the “mark of the beast” on everyone who says “I’m only human.”

And now you know that intercession has held him back until now, that he might be uncovered in his time of exposure. For this mystery of iniquity was already at work and largely hidden in the past: but since the Intercessor was removed, the “man of the lie” is now being clearly exposed to the view of everyone.

At this time the hater of God’s laws is exposed, for the Spirit of the Lord is consuming him with His straight testimony of truth. He is destroying him with the brightness of His Presence, even him whose coming is from the working of Satan himself with all power and signs and lying wonders of Luciferian self-worship, and with all trickery and spiritualistic deception and all unrighteousness in them that perish. The reason for this is that they didn’t receive the love of what is actually true, that they might be saved from the plagues that their rebellion is bringing upon them at the present time.

And because they don’t love the truth that would have saved them, God is sending them a strong delusion, an overwhelming deception, that they should believe every falsehood: so that they all might be damned to their self-made hell and final destruction who believe not the truth, but have pleasure in doing wrong.

But we always give thanks to God for you, beloved family of our Father, Who we have in common, because He has from the beginning chosen us for salvation through purifying of the Spirit and acceptance of that which is true. By that cleansing, and calling you by our good news of God’s gift, He gave you to have the same glorious Life that Jesus Christ himself had.

So, brethren, stand firm in these things and be comforted and established in these truths that have been given to you. Michael

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