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And I heard God’s great Voice coming out of those who are of His living temple, saying to those who are chosen to bear the burden of God’s seven messages, Go your ways, and widely pour out the bowls of the vengeance and fierce anger of God upon the earth since His intercession has been rejected.

And the first went, and poured out his bowl upon the natural world, and those of the earth who received this plague became very sore – pressed upon, harassed, with toiling labors, irritating annoyances, fearful perils, and inflamed offenses. This sore was received by those who had taken the mark of the secular state upon themselves, and upon those who worshipped this entity as their only ruler.

And the second messenger poured out his bowl upon the multitudes; and their spirit became as the blood of a corpse, already clotted and rotting: and every living soul died to spiritual understanding who were of the great beast and who chose the lie of the great beast, pledging allegiance to their various Luciferian policies and brutal, repressive dictatorships with their unjust and deadly mandates.

And the third messenger poured out his bowl upon the media and the religious pulpits of the world and they are now treacherously fraudulent, underhanded, hollow-hearted, double-faced, truthless, scheming and guileful, dark and dead. And I heard the judgment angel over these entities say, You are righteous, O Lord, who is, and was, and will be because You have judged them the way that You did. For they have accused the Anointing of those who were set apart, those who protested their fakery and hypocrisy, and You have given them death and destruction to drink into themselves; for they are worthy of the same treatment that they gave others. And I heard another out of the altar where the holy ones were attacked and destroyed, say, Even so, Lord God Almighty, You have rightly judged.

And the fourth messenger poured out his bowl upon the sun; and power was given unto him to convince the people that ordinary atmospheric gas such as CO2, or the sun, is causing a great heating of the planet and that this over-warming is unnatural, causing all nations to be willing to make a great reset from the world that they have known, where they will be enslaved by their dictators and “own nothing and be happy,” or die.

And now everyone is greatly heated over the “warming” divisions and controversies caused by this propaganda which is being forced upon the whole earth from this plague poured out. And those who receive this plague believe it so completely, they insult and show contempt for the name of God, ever denying His existence, since their own immorality and corruption blinds them from seeing the trap being “set” for them in the great re“set”. Those who deliberately contrived this ruse do not repent for creating the effects of evil which all come out of their own perverted minds, making everyone slaves of their “sun” and “earth-warming” dogma (am god) – “laid down by their authority as incontrovertibly true.” They refuse to give God credit for His perfect creation and natural balance.

And the fifth messenger poured out his bowl upon the capital of the global world government, the very seat of the beast; and their kingdom is full of darkness since in their false, delusional, psychotic, purely satanic, fleshly, selfish reasoning, they can see nothing at all. They grind their teeth together and chew their tongues, as they gnaw away at their seared conscience in their emotional agony, because of their own darkness. They fearfully look at the national retribution coming upon them because of their guilt and invented offenses. They falsely accuse everyone else, everything else, and those of true faith, making it appear that others are responsible for their own bad effects instead of their own demonic spirits and deliberate choices. They accuse and rage against the God of heaven for their own self-created emotional distress and brokenness, and their own angry sore, and they don’t repent of their own chosen courses.

And the sixth messenger poured out his bowl upon the great river that protected the western Babylonish empire; and the financial system becomes dried up, so that the way of the kings of the east, Russia and China, might be prepared. And I saw three unclean spirits – conservatives, liberals, and zealots, like frogs croaking, coming out of the mouth of the Great Satan, and out of the mouth of the world leaders, and out of the mouth of false religion. For they are the spirits of devils, working great deceptive mental wonders, which go forth unto the presidents of the earth and of the whole world of their voters, gathering them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty where He will put the nations into the flames of their own making.

Behold, I come as someone who appears unexpectedly. Very happy and blessed are those who watch, and keep their spiritual coverings which are given to them by God, so that they do not walk naked, and the people see their shame and everyone finally mocks them.

And He is gathering the nations together into a place called in the Hebrew language Armageddon for the great final war.

And the seventh messenger poured out his bowl into the air so that even the dark spirit of this plague is breathed in by the multitudes; and there came a great Voice out of the temple of heaven from the throne where God Himself dwells, saying, It is done! And there are many conspiracy rumors and much gossip, and rumblings, and startling public shocks; and there is a great shaking of their world, such as was not since people were upon the earth, so mighty a shaking, and so great.

And the great empire is divided into three parts. There are liberals, conservatives, and zealots who want to make everything to their own liking and to be great again in their selfish puffed-up pride. Where chaos rules, the cities of the nations fall: and great Babylon, the nation divided and full of confusion, comes into remembrance before God, to give her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of His wrath. And every usual island of security flees away, sinking into the chaos, and the mountains of their dependable and historical social structure are found no more.

And there now falls upon the nations a great hail out of the place of heavenly truth, exposing every lie, every hailstone about the weight of each person who is exposing the lies: and the multitudes rage against God because of the plague of the hail exposing their lies and their hiding places; for that plague is especially great, and all of the plagues are now cumulative and presently ongoing. Michael

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