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Be sure that you know this, that in these final days of the world, very dangerous times have come. People are fiercely devoted to worshipping their own selves. They take what belongs to others and boast about it. They are proud, not respecting God’s word, and they are rebellious to the righteous teachings of their ancestors. They have no regard for justice and they agree with the mob in its violent actions.

They do not have the natural love for family, and even normal male-female interaction and gender identity are despised. They break peace agreements. They accuse people falsely of crimes that they did not commit. They are without self-control, fierce in their attacks, and despise those who stand for some lawful principle. They lie about and betray anyone or any nation they desire to overthrow in revolution.

They are full of themselves, lovers of pleasing themselves more than pleasing the will of God. They all have their own form of rightness in their political positions and point to their own selves as the coming savior. You should turn away from them by not taking part in their “fraudulent elections.”

No one believes you when you warn them of imminent destruction. They are always professing to be progressing, but they never actually progress toward anything that is true. They only progress toward the flames.

And for sure, all who live godly and continually adhere to the light within them shall suffer persecution from this hoard of malcontents who restricts them from buying and selling and even threatens to kill those who hinder their political Luciferian agenda of freedom — “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.”

But it will not end here. Evil people and seducers get worse and worse, deceiving each other, and being deceived until the day of the Lord’s fire ends it all.

Because of these things, the day of the Lord comes unexpectedly as a thief in the night would come; and in this time the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the nuclear elements shall melt with a violent and burning fire, the earth also and the works that come from people’s natural desires shall be burned up with nothing left of them.

We are expectantly looking for and speeding up this final resolution of God, where the sky and the atmosphere which are on fire shall be utterly dissolved, and the elements of the nuclear blasts shall melt everything on earth with fervent heat and all sin and sinners will be annihilated in these flames. Michael

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