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To My anointed: You have no other gods before Me. You do not make up any earthly images to look to, or to honor and obey any emblem of anything in the earth to worship. You are not bowing down yourself to earthly forms nor serving them, as do those who are in religious denominations, political parties, or national identities. For I the Lord your God have possessed you, claiming what is Mine, and I have shown mercy to those who have obeyed My instructions and acknowledged My sole Father-ship over them.

You do not pretend to worship Me, nor flatter Me with religious clichés and maxims, or with self-righteous opinions. You do not line up a few letters from the alphabet such as J-E-S-U-S and then claim those letters are Me. You do not adore the false prophets who claim to come from Me, but they lie.

Now you will remember the Sabbath day (year or time) and now you will lay down your labors, and rest. Six days (years) you have worked and labored for the change and the departure, and now you will rest from all that work. This seventh day (year) is a sabbath of Mine: in it, I have removed from you your previous personal mission and you will now no longer do any work concerning that mission. Besides these things, everyone with you will cease their own world-loving endeavors, for in six days I made heaven and earth, the sea, and all the work that was involved in doing that, and I rested the seventh day: therefore I blessed the sabbath time and separated it from all the other times.

For six years since the “Consummation of Ascension,” you have been sowing the truth in your people, preparing them for their departure; and for six years you have been pruning your witnesses and gathering in the fruit from their personal experience. But now, in the seventh year, it shall be a sabbath of rest to the land, a sabbath for Me: You shall neither sow your community nor prune your planting. The sabbath rest itself shall be your food. I, alone, am now your delight. I, alone, am now your food. And so it is that you are finished with your work from Me that I gave you to do in this world, and now I am taking you out of it.

“And out of the temple an angel poured out his wrath into the air,” and out of this temple came a loud voice from the throne, saying, “It is done!” For I say to the people, you will by no means hear from Me again until you say, Blessed is the One who came in My name. Michael

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