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7-6-2023 Part Two

In a vision of the night on June 10, 2019, I stood next to a woman with a young child in her arms perhaps two or three years old. She said to Me, “Tomorrow when you reveal yourself, will you write a letter to me and let me know?” This is the letter that she requested me to write:

Who am I? I am the Son of God born out of Him from eternity. I am the archangel who is the angel of justice. I came into Wayne Bent in 1967. It was then when he agreed to keep My Sabbath. I went into him for his heart was turned to Me. This was also the time of the earthly symbol when the Jews took Jerusalem.

For years after, I took Wayne Bent through all of the tests of life to prove them as to whether they were of God or not. I proved the natural worldly marriages and how they are not actually a marriage. Most “marriages” are conflict zones where two enter a contest of wills and often reveal themselves with the woman becoming the husband. I proved the modern order of things a falsehood.

I then took Wayne Bent to school where he would prepare himself to become a minister. I proved the educational system and it was not educational. The whole system was useless in actually teaching the truth of God, but very valuable in teaching doubt, compromise and failure. I was not present in their education for they shut me out of it.

From there I took Wayne Bent into pastoring. Here he could be shown how the “believers” were not actually believers. He was given My presence in his human form while the great force in what they name Christianity today, misses this and falls short. All of those who name My name today base their religions on a change of behavior or a change of their beliefs, none of which is the actual truth. When I came into Wayne Bent, I changed his spirit, personality and view of all things. Good behavior or right beliefs is not Me. I make one a new creature, born all over again. My experience is not hard, but impossible for those who try to copy it with their human force.

Wayne Bent proved that the denominations were on a false footing, taking a road down to the pit of human failure, guessing, insecurity and pretense. Good behavior does not go to heaven, it goes to hell. God goes to heaven; I go to heaven; flesh and blood do not go to heaven.

Satan, My adversary, is now pretending to be Me in the churches. The churches have good behavior and teach how to be nice, and other useless acts. There is no substitute for Me. I am the Savior and I save by taking My seat in the heart and soul of My people. Their soul becomes My temple where I reign supreme and with full authority. I am the King of the heart and soul.

The final test for Wayne Bent was the test over his own self. I made him go through the experience of Job. But first I had to overcome his beliefs. Humankind uses their beliefs for their justification with God. I had to take Wayne Bent through the process of collapsing his beliefs so that I might show the people what is actually required of them.

I told Wayne Bent to go to New Mexico to fulfill the prophecy of Revelation 12. He hesitated to go to a place which would be his last choice of a good place to go. I encouraged him by saying to him that he would eat grass like an ox if he did not get to it.

He immediately came to New Mexico and I directed him to the land I wanted him and his people to come to. I arranged things so that he could make the purchase of the property without much difficulty. Wayne would soon be tested to the limits of his ability. He had already proven the religious professors all false. Now he would be proven whether he would stand when I destroyed all of his forms. I would now make completely useless his wonderful human, righteous, and good ideas.

Wayne Bent came to My land on April 4, 2000. This was a short while before Passover. I had previously spoken to him from a bush, showing him that My presence was in his “new land.” He would name it “Strong City.” Isa. 26:1 Seventy-seven people followed him there after that, taking several months to settle in.

Another change was coming to his unsuspecting human ideas. On July 5, 2000, I revealed Myself to Wayne and told him who I was in him. I said, “You are Messiah.” I was speaking of Myself in him. He was startled at first because of how it looked to him, so I showed him the Scriptures. I showed him that what I said to him was not new, but only the old gospel.

The three Scriptures that I gave Wayne were: “How God messiahed Jesus.” Acts 10:38 “Now he which stabilized us in Messiah, is God.” 2 Cor. 1:21, and “God would make known the mystery hid from ages and generations, which is now revealed in us, which is Messiah in you the hope of glory.” Col. 1:26, 27 It was now, when Wayne accepted My word, that he was Messiah. It was now that he accepted My image. Because he accepted My word to him, I took him to a new level and a new change of his person. I would now test My word in him to the limits of human endurance. This is where most professed Christians fail. This is where most leave the faith of God and wander off into perdition.

When the knowledge of this first came to Wayne in the flush of the present newness, he was able to enjoy the reality of this new awareness as he did when I first went into him in 1967. He did not know that with every new ascension comes a test of equal proportions.

I was now going to make him the parable of the marriage of the Lamb. At the time when I anointed Wayne for this mission, I also anointed two witnesses, two women who would bear witness to his every move. These two witnesses were married in two natural marriages. I drew them away from those marriages and these two women now were without a husband, living where they could find a bed somewhere or something to eat. At this time, Wayne had no idea what I was doing without his knowledge. I did not tell him.

After a few weeks, I drew these two women to come to Wayne for healing. He spent time with them in the “chamber” but without any thought of a personal connection. I was creating a bond between them that Wayne and the two women were not conscious of because I would need the two witnesses to bear witness to Messiah under extreme hardship.

Over a few weeks I began to intimate to Wayne that these two would be married to him. This was a shock, for he protested that this would be adultery. He resisted Me with all of his “holy” arguments and even used the law against Me. It was now that Wayne’s humanity struggled. His “self” righteousness of being chaste and pure would be overthrown, but not without a great struggle from his earth view of things.

Wayne finally proposed a test for Me that if I would fulfill his “fleece” he would carry out the “consummation” of the marriage with the two witnesses. He told no one of this “fleece.” What Wayne proposed was that if the two women would come and ask him for an intimate relation, and if their two previous husbands would come and ask that he be intimate with their wives, and if a third “unknown” sign would occur, then he would consummate. Wayne believed that this “fleece” could never actually occur so it gave him a sense of safety.

But Wayne didn’t know the purpose of Messiah. He felt that this “strange act” I was about to perform was adultery but what he failed to see at the time was that this is normal for Me. I break up marriages whenever I take over the soul.

Satan shouts adultery for I take away the soul that he had been married to. I have “intimate” relations with everyone who becomes Mine. My intimate relation is far greater and more invasive than any human marriage of the flesh. I have caused much controversy over the centuries whenever I went into the “bride.” Satan accuses Me of being the great adulterer for taking away his property and making them Mine.

I then directed the two witnesses to request a physical union with Me in the person of Wayne. That fulfilled the first part of the “fleece.” But he still felt safe for he felt that the two previous husbands would never request something like that from him. A little time went by and I directed the two previous husbands to also request that Wayne consummate with their previous earthly married partners. Now Wayne knew all was lost of his self-protection. He could not sustain his “righteous” position. Now he only waited for the third “unknown” part of the “fleece.”

About the 10th of October, while visiting with one of the witnesses, she stated that she felt that that very night the consummation would occur. Wayne was not so sure. He did not feel free because he had not seen his third requirement. At this very moment there was a knock on the door and Wayne answered it. It was the previous husband of the witness. He handed a card to Wayne that said, in so many words, “One cannot have a marriage without a consummation. Get on with it.”

Now Wayne knew he must fulfill My instructions to him, which he did. He set up the conditions and I met them. The process of the consummation ended on October 31, 2000. That was exactly 483 years since Martin Luther waged his reformation against his present apostasy.

This was the beginning of the fall of Wayne’s natural man. He would finally die to his natural self in order to be My own arms and legs. This is where most fail but it is required of everyone that I take to heaven with Me. Satan allows his subjects to think that they have free will, and that they can take or leave My requirements but I require a marriage. Few men are willing to go there with Me. So Wayne yielded to My consummation and began the test that I required of him and everyone else who names My name. No one escapes the necessary trial that I bring to all My professed believers even though the trial may take very different forms.

I then took those who professed to be God’s people through a time of “feeding.” This took 1260 days as the prophecy declared. I kept Satan at bay during this time of teaching. I did not permit him to get a foothold until My purposes were fulfilled.

The test would not only be given to Wayne, but to his two witnesses as well. The test would also come to the congregation. After three and a half years (1260 days) I began to withdraw My intercession. The “daily” intercession would be removed. This would allow those who professed to know Me to be tested in that knowledge. They would have to stand strong without Me interceding for them, keeping them from failure. Some could not do that and some who were not possessed by Me began to go away.

Near the end of the last seven years of the prophecy, I would complete My “strange act.” I would call five more women to come to the marriage, making a total of seven. This was done before October 31, 2007. This total of seven fulfilled the prophecy of judgment in Isaiah 4:1. I made the women to be drawn to Me to fulfill the sign of My time of judgment.

Now, not only was the church tested, but I would take My testing to the world. Now the earth would be given its extreme test. Would the world believe? I knew that they would not, but I hid this from Wayne.

I brought the media to the land in 2007. I permitted the media people to tell their story of Me from the world’s point of view. Also, those who had failed within the church were allowed to say whatever they liked, so that the world would see which testimony they would believe. Would they believe My testimony or the testimony of My adversary. This would determine who were Mine. I instructed Wayne to tell them everything. I said, Withhold nothing for they needed to be tested just as the people of God were tested.

But the greatest test would be put upon Wayne. I gave him over to Satan as I did Yeshua and Job. The test for Wayne Bent is that I would put him in prison for something I instructed him to do. And when he was put in prison for something he did not do, that was even more of a trial for him than if he had actually committed a crime. I also set it up so that he would be charged over minor females. It was the greatest offense to him that could be imagined. This was necessary, however, to strip from him the last of his earthiness. The final test, those seven years in prison over a made-up crime, would strip from him the last of his earthly trust. Now he would be only on Me, in Me, and I in him. Now, the image of God, My image, would be reproduced in him without hindrance.

Wayne and the two witnesses revealed what is required of the sons of God. The false testimony in these days, the counterfeit, is that one can be a son of God while still in his sins. He cannot. He might change his habits and become a nicer person but it is only a satanic trick. I require all of the redeemed to be redeemed and I test their profession to the full extent.

Wayne Bent has been My temple. He was the temple that Messiah stood upon, the temple that was opened in heaven. He came at the end of the age. The earth’s legal system put My servant in prison over their own lie. I would now, after their complete rejection of Me, give them over to their own course.

After this, I instructed Donald Trump to run for president. He is My tool for bringing judgment into the earth. I determined this to be so. The spirit of Satan has so thoroughly taken over the people, it is time for the “Trump.” I sent him and anointed him for the purpose I have designed. I have been on the move for more than twenty years and Messiah has come again. But this will all end in flames, as I have said. I stripped from Wayne, My servant, all of his earthly love, trust, flattery and false religion. I have left him with only Myself, My image and My will.

I have also left the earth without Me, to carry out their false faith and selfish will to their full extent. Satan cannot now hinder Wayne, and I will not now hinder the world in its total collapse because the world does not want My interference.

Satan has given his false blessing to the people, pretending to be Me, but it will only end in fire. Any savior but Me will only lead to the destruction of the final day. I have truly not held My peace and Wayne has not kept back My instructions, so the will of God has been fulfilled. I drew Wayne into My Sabbath and the earth is drawn into the day of the sun. That is, My servant Wayne was drawn into My rest, while the earth was drawn into the righteousness of their own making, their made-up religion. They worship a light in the sky while My servants hear My voice in their temple and harden not their hearts against it.

I, Michael, have sent My angel (messenger) Wayne Bent to testify unto you these things in the companies. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.

This is the day in which I, Michael, have plainly revealed Myself. I have given My testimony in the temple. I told you all what I have done. I have judged the earth and all who are drawn will come to Me. No man can come to Me but that the Father draw him. I come quickly and My reward is with ME, to give every man according to his work. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

I have used My servant Wayne, constraining him to do My will and to reveal the testimony of God. He has done so, and while My sons have believed, the earth has gone into the hell of mocking contempt which leads them into a very real insanity. “Behold, he comes in clouds of judgment and he comes publicly, and also those see him who put him in prison, and all kindreds of the earth will wail because of him.” “There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” And so it is. Behold, I have told you before.

Now you know that THIS is the Christian experience. All others are those who seek to enter in another way. One must come to My house through the door, plain and upfront, hiding nothing, if he would be the son of God and receive Messiah into himself. The message I gave Wayne and the two witnesses to reveal is that I only take My literal bride to heaven. No man can enter without the marriage to Me. No man can come without letting go of every earthly desire. Wayne discovered this and his two witnesses declared it. There is no other way into the fold of God.

I, Michael, have not left the earth without a witness. The testimony is faithful and has been proven and tested to the greatest degree. In the temple service the remains of the bullock, representing the remains of God’s high priest, were taken and burned outside the camp so that nothing remained but God alone. Wayne Bent was that bullock representing Me. In prison, his time of testing “outside the camp” burned the remains of his natural earthiness. “The earth helped the woman” come to the place of deliverance. What Satan meant for evil, I used for the deliverance of My church. Satan has no force capable of thwarting My purposes. Wayne Bent and his two witnesses have proven this. There shall be no witness or evidence of the truth given besides this prophetic event fulfilled. Nothing greater can prove My word true but what I have given. Here I have revealed Myself. Now I have told you plainly. THIS is the rapture, and this is the change. THIS reveals the ascension and the translation which comes upon all of the children of light. THIS reveals the end of their world first, then the world.

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