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This was the sight I viewed from my home on August 5th

To My resurrected ones: I the Lord have come down in a cloud, and I now stand with My servants who ascended into it here to meet Me, and I proclaim the character of My name to them continually. For as the lightning came out of the east, and shone even toward the west, so is the coming of My Anointed Son into those who love Him.

And I come close to My servants, and I proclaim: I, the Lord, The Lord God, am merciful and gracious, bearing long with sinners, and I am abundant in goodness and truth, being merciful to thousands, forgiving all kinds of iniquity and transgression and sin. Even so, I in no way ignore or forgive those who live to practice evil; for I now give back to them the effects of the evils that they have loved – that iniquity which was passed down from their fathers upon their children, and upon the children's children, even as far back as the third and fourth generation.

But you who are My servants may now say: The Lord is my Shepherd; I will not be in want for anything, at all, anymore. My Father makes me to lie down in green pastures as a lamb would: He always leads me beside the pure waters and not into the earth's vile cisterns and the leaven of unbelief, worldly loves, and associations. He has restored my dried-up soul and has brought it to His place of living waters. He leads me in the paths of justice for His name's sake. Even though I can barely walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I am fearless of any evil that could be imagined, for God Himself is in me. His rod and His shepherd’s staff of guidance comfort me continually.

My Father prepares a table of spiritual riches before me in the presence of my envious and hateful enemies who continually burn in their flames, gnashing their teeth in anger and self-pity and hiding under their earthly stones of offended abuse and self-defense. Instead, You anoint my mind and soul with Your Mind and with Your Messiah oil; and my cup of praise runs over continually. Surely goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my eternal life: and I now eternally dwell in the house of the Lord's kingdom that has appeared in me, for I was “caught up” by my Father’s force upon me. Michael

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